22 story dwelling houses in 1998

In the basement of the house two heat substations of TS 501-rtM6 type for 2-zone Radiator Heating and Hot Water Supply system were installed.

CA-94 heat energy calculation block was installed.

Hotel "Kreshatik" in the central part of the city

Under the heat substation retrofit, which is situated at the hotel building, one heat unit for Hot Water Supply needs in exchange for 7 sections of Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers were installed.

Verhovna Rada of Ukraine building, Schorsa street, 24

The heat exchange module of TS 501-tM6 type was installed and now provides the Hot Tap Water supply.

Hotel-offices complex, located in the central part of the city

In the boiler house the Plate Heat Exchanger for Hot Water Supply was installed.

National Bank of Ukraine Central Heat Station

As improvement to the Heat Station, the highly effective heat exchange equipment for Radiator Heating, Ventilation and Hot Water Supply systems was installed.

The Heat Station supplies two central administrative buildings of NBU.

г.Киев, Детская клиническая больница №9

Children's clinic hospital 9

Palace of culture "Ukrainian House" attached to the Ministry of Ukraine

The exchange of Shell & Tube rapid boilers for Radiator Heating system for high effective Plate Heat Exchanger and noiceless circular pump consisting of heat exchange module TS 501-rM6 was carried out.

After the replacement, the dead zones in the Radiator Heating system disappeared.

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