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Chemical Industry 

Sumykhimprom enterprise

An inquiry into the titanium dioxide production workshop was carried out.The application of Pinch Analysis for the workshop retrofit identifies the following results:

  • The fuel saving will be equal to appropriate 8 thousand tons of standard coal per year;
  • The Coolant consumption reduction will provide savings of $ 150000 per year;
  • The pay-back period of the recommended project is equal to 1 year.


химическая промышленность


Coke Industry 

OAO “Zaporozhkoks” enterprise

Using Pinch Analysis methods, the retrofit project for the conducted and recommended coal-tar pitch distillation plant, that the hot utilities usage to be reduced by 74% and the cold utility usage to be reduced by 65%.


коксохимическая промышленность


Petrochemical Industry 

Kremenchug Refinery

The implementation of the retrofit project of the heat exchange network of the petroleum refining plant will enable reduced the fuel consumption of the pipe furnace by 12%, and the cooling water consumption by 18%. The pay-back period of the suggested project is equal to 10 months.


нефтехимическая промышленность


Sugar Industry 

Dmitro-Taranovsky Sugar Plant

Using Pinch Analysis methods, a number of energy saving measurements for the serial plant retrofit were carried out. Due to these measurements the recycle steam energy consumption will be reduced by 16%. The pay-back period of the retrofit project won’t exceed the duration of one seasonal campaign of sugar-beet processing.


сахарная промышленность


Heat Supply 

Boiler-house “Vostochnaya” enterprise, Lugansk

The Pinch analysis of the boiler house operation was carried out. This boiler house is located in Lugansk city, Ukraine and it supplies, with heat and hot tap water, the district of 180 tenement houses with a population of 80 thousand inhabitants.

Using Pinch Analysis methods, a number of energy saving measurements for the serial boiler house retrofit were carried out.

  • The required gas consumption will come to 16900 м3 per hour;
  • The diversion capacity will be 314 kg per sec smaller;
  • The pay back period will not be longer 2 – 3 months.

As a result, 12 new Heat Exchangers were installed. The total heat capacity of the installed heat exchange equipment comes to 300 GCal per hour.

котельная "Восточная", г. Луганск


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