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High effective condensation boilers.


SODRUGESTVO-T Company has a lot of experience in enhancement of heat transfer with changing of phase of one of process fluids (condensation, boiling). The experience is based on numerous scientific researches of condensation of vapors and vapor-gas mixtures and boiling in patterns of complicate geometry.

The results are published, for example in following papers:

  • Intensification of Heat and Mass Transfer in channels of Plate Condensers, L. Tovazhnyansky, P. Kapustenko, "Chem. Eng. Communication", 1984, 31, No 6;
  • The investigation of flow Boiling for flows in channels with cross-corrugated walls, L. Tovazhnyansky, P. Kapustenko, O. Perevertilenko, "Heat Transfer Engineering", 2002, 23(6).

Implementation in Ukraine PARADIGMA boilers, manufacturing by Paradigma Ritter Energie-und Umwelttechnik GmbH (Germany) with possibility of using of alternative fuel.

This activity is the result of collaborate work according to EC funded project SYNERGY on renewable sources of energy with German company OVM Energieconsulting Heidelberg GmbH.




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