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AO Sodrugestvo-T Engineering Company and Center of Energy Saving Integrated Technologies attached to NTU KhPI (Ukraine) offers:

  • A Process Integration (Pinch) analysis conducted on existing heat network designs of all industrial processes and operations;

  • Assistance in new project design;

  • Assistance in the design of retrofit of existing processes and operations;

High effective condensation boilers and heat utilizers.

Calculations and selection of condensation type heat utilizes, particularly for tail hot gases, with enhanced heat transfer surface.

Production of acids.

The high effective plate heat exchangers and process integration methods give the possibility to decrease energy consumption in phosphoric acid and sulphuric acid industries.

We propose special plate heat exchangers as for sulphuric acid as for phosphoric acid with different concentrations.

We develop the original cooling systems based on plate heat exchangers for phosphoric and sulphuric acid industries.

At your request we can conduct a survey of your operations and processes, proposing energy- and resource-saving solutions.

We have successfully completed many local projects recommending operating process retrofit, which enabled the client to save considerable funds, through reducing energy consumption:

Under the scientifically technological auspices of the Center of Energy Saving Integrated Technologies attached to NTU KhPI (Ukraine), AO Sodrugestvo-T Engineering Company has developed a software system for the optimal design of heat supply systems and heat points.

The software developed includes three basic program packages:





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