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The Standard Design

The Brazed Heat Exchanger is a variation of the traditional Gasketed Plate Heat Exchanger. It evolved from the convectional gasketed plate to answer the need for a compact plate heat exchanger, suitable for high pressure and high temperature duties.

The Brazed Plate heat Exchanger is, like the Gasketed Plate Heat Exchanger, constructed from a series of corrugated metal plates, but without gaskets, tightening bolts, frame etc.

The Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger simply consists of stainless steel plates and two end plates. All the plates are brazed together in a vacuum furnace to form an extremely compact and pressure / temperature resistant heat exchanger with superior heat transfer characteristics. Copper is the usual brazing material. Nickel is used in its place where the heated media contains ammonia, which would dissolve copper, or, in applications where the presence of copper ions is undesirable. 

Unlike the Gasketed Plate Heat Exchanger, the Brazed one cannot be disassembled. The scrubbing action of the highly turbulent flow retards fouling. If cleaning is required, the unit can be back-flushed to prevent clogging, or chemically cleaned to eliminate the build up of scale.

Principle of operation

The working mediums taking part in the heat transfer process are introduced through the connections to the Heat Exchanger. In the unit the working mediums are distributed to the alternate channels, which are formed by plates and corner inlets. The channels are situated in such a way, that two working media can pass through them in reverse flow condition.


The advantages of the Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers

The Alfa Laval Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers have a wide application in the Heating, Air Venting and Conditioning systems, for evaporation and condensation, and they are also used as oil coolers in the hydraulic systems. The high heat exchange effectiveness of the Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger causes its compactness and it allows to save the surface area. The Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger is able to sustain high temperatures and pressures.

Technical Data:

Brazed PHE type 捔14 捔22 捔26 捔51 捔76
Min. operating temperature -160參 -160參 -160參 -160參 -160參
Max. operating temperature 225參 225參 225參 225參 225參
Min. operating pressure 瘔膧鶂 瘔膧鶂 瘔膧鶂 瘔膧鶂 瘔膧鶂
Max. operating pressure 30 僗 30 僗 30 僗 30 僗 30 僗
Max. flow rate*) 3.6 3/ 3.6 3/ 8.1 3/ 8.1 3/ 39 3/
Standard number of plates 14,20   10, 18, 24, 34, 50, 70, 100,120 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 110, 120, 130, 140, 150

*) The water under 5 m/sec in connections

Standard sizes:


Type a b c d e A Weight, kg
捔14 172 42 208 78 24 8+n*2.35 0.7+n*0.06
捔22 279 42 318 78 24 9+n*2.35 1.0+n*0.11
捔26 250 50 310 112 45 9+n*2.40 1.2+n*0.13
捔51 466 50 526 112 45 10+n*2.40 1.9+n*0.23
捔76 519 92 618 191 48 10+n*2.85 7.0+n*0.44










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